With all due respect you have completely misunderstood the Biblical view on Earth and the afterlife. The Bible quite literally teaches the exact opposite of what you have portrayed here.

First, all of the verses that you use to claim that Christians believe the world is going to end like Luke 21 and Matthew 24 are not talking about the end of the world, they are talking about the destruction of the Temple. i would encourage you to go back and look at the context because the verses that you use are Jesus' response to questions about when the Temple would be destroyed. He is using very typical Jewish apocalyptic language to describe worldly events that would soon take place. There were literally zero Jews in the first century talking about the end of the world because it would be in direct contradiction with the entire Jewish worldview.

Similarly, you have misinterpreted the Bibles use of a "New heavens and a new earth." In greek, there are two words for new--one that means new in quantity (as in, buying a new pair of shoes), and one that means new in kind (as in, the same pair of shoes getting restored). All the passages you use about the new heavens and the new earth use the greek word that means new in kind. In no way does the Bible ever teach that this world will be scrapped and a brand new one will be made. The entire Biblical storyline is about God redeeming and restoring this earth, not destroying it and creating a new one.

If you want a fuller explanation of this check out my piece about heaven on earth and how the real biblical hope is a redeemed earth!

So your concern that the earth is doomed and will be destroyed and replaced can be put to rest! The Bible is actually inviting you to be a part of Gods redemption of THIS EARTH. Your care for this world and making it a better place is exactly what the Christian worldview is about--stewarding creation well and playing a role in making the world as God intended it--a place of Love, kindness, and Justice.

There are plenty of fine critiques of the Bible but if we're going to critique it we should make sure what we're critiquing what it actually says. I really appreciate your concern for this topics and am glad more people are writing about it! Your article is very well written and i hope you take this pushback in the spirit that its intended!!

I'm an electrical engineer with a passion for ideas. Christianity, philosophy, politics, worldview, and social commentary.

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